This Park is located in the commune of Lo Barnechea. 

It has medium/high mountain trekking trails, which allow visitors to reach the peaks of Cerro Provincia (2,750 meters above sea level) and Cerro San Ramón (3,250 meters above sea level), ideal for more experienced athletes. 

Here you can watch high altitude birds such as condors and caracaras. 

Recommended from 12 years of age.

It has signposted connectivity to the west with the San Carlos de Apoquindo Natural Park through the connection located 400 m away. south of the sector of Alto El Naranjo (Portezuelo).


 Sendero Cumbre del Cerro Provincia (Último ingreso a ruta Cumbre de Cerro Provincia: 9:00 hrs.)

 Sendero Alto del Naranjo (Último ingreso a ruta Alto del naranjo: 12:00 hrs.)

 Sendero Vallecito (Último ingreso a ruta Vallecito: 13:00 hrs.)

 Camping habilitado (Sector Vallecito, Valle Suizo, Cerro Provincia)

 Conexión al Parque Natural San Carlos de Apoquindo 


Normative No fumar ni hacer fogatas.


Precios incluyen cargo por servicio
General adult
Adulto mayor (+60 Años) y niños (entre 2 y 12 años)
Fines de semana y festivos
de 8:00 a 18:00 Hrs.
Last admission Trekking 13:00 | Mountain biking 4:00 p.m.



Sector located at 1,270 m.s.n.m. with abundant presence of well-developed sclerophyllous forest that offers protection and shade. There is access to drinking water on the slope of the sector. The area has a dry ecological toilet that must be occupied according to the instructions for use. Organic waste only. Total unevenness 258 m.

· Deadline for entry: 1:00 p.m.
Trail duration: 3 1/2 hours
· Type of Trail: Medium intensity.
· Extension of 5 km. approx. round trip. Going there and back takes 3 hours. approx.

Camping is allowed

Alto del Naranjo

Alto del Naranjo stands out for its incredible view of the east (mountain range) and west (Stgo.) reaching 1,856 meters above sea level. and by a centennial Quillay that houses a pair of Tucúqueres, typical of the local fauna. Total drop 836 m. 400m. from Alto del Naranjo (Portezuelo) is the connection to reach the Puente Ñilhue Natural Park where you can continue to the top of Cerro Provincia (2,750 meters above sea level), where camping is allowed (Dome) the maximum time limit to go camping in summer is until 1:00 p.m. and in winter until 12:00 Hrs.

· Deadline for entry: 1:00 p.m.
· Trail duration:: 4 1/2 hours
· Type of Trail: Medium/high intensity with steep slopes in certain sections.
· Extension of 7.6 km. approx. going and returning to the Administration. Going there and back takes 4 hours. 30 min. approx. There is a rehydration point in the Canaleta de Agua sector, 1 h. approx. from the Administration.

Camping is not allowed

Cerro Provincia summit

From the top at 2,750 m.s.n.m. You can see other summits in the sector such as Cerro Tambor (2,875 m.s.n.m.) and Cerro San Ramón (3,250 m.s.n.m.) as well as a spectacular view of the Andes in all its magnitude. This trail requires previous trekking experience due to its length, altitude and intensity. It is recommended to carry 3 lt. of water per person. Total unevenness 1,738 m.
Entry deadline for other points of interest:
Mirador de las Vacas 16:00 (700 m from the Administration)
Canaleta de Agua 14:00 h. (1,7 km. from Administration)
Valle Suizo 11:00 h. (5 km. from Administration)

· Entry deadline: 09:30 Hrs
· Trail duración: 8 hours
· Type of Trail: High intensity.
· Extension of 17.5 km. approx. round trip. Traveling there and back takes 9 hours. approx. Trail with 1 rehydration point in the Canaleta de Agua sector (1 hour from the Administration). Only in winter time can snow be obtained to make water.

· Camping: Camping is allowed when accessing the summit using the Dome in a clean and responsible way.
· The maximum time to go camping: 13:00 Hrs.


  • Administration

  • 3 trekking trails

  • Rest area en route

  • 3 dry toilets

  • 4 viewpoints

  • 1 camping area in Vallecito

  • Recycling area

  • Signposting of trails and environmental education

  • How to get?

    At 14,200 Av. Las Condes (Shell service station, km 0) turn right onto the road to Farellones (route G21) until km 5.3, where there is a detour to the right that indicates the entrance to Cerro Provincia. After advancing approximately 1 km along a dirt road that reaches the Puente Ñilhue Park Administration, where you can access the different trails. Vehicle parking is restricted (left side of the road). Do not block the road or the entrance of residents, or park on the side of the bridge to allow emergency vehicles to turn. You must register in and out of the park with the park ranger.

    There is no direct public transportation to the entrance to the park. From the Pedro de Valdivia metro (Line 1) you must take the Transantiago 411 bus (Paradero PC203) to Plaza San Enrique, Comuna de Lo Barnechea. From this point there are two options, take a taxi to the park entrance (Camino Antiguo a Farellones s/n) or use the Uber or Cabify app.

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  • Pets

  • Drones

  • Inadequate shoes for hiking

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    Fines de semana y festivos
    de 8:00 a 18:00 Hrs.
    Cierre: Trekking 13:00 | Mountainbike 16:00 Hrs.
    $3450 / Adulto General
    $2300 / Adulto Mayor y Niños
    Monday to Sunday
    de 8:00 a 18:15 Hrs.
    Cierre: 13:00 hrs. Hrs.
    Valor Adulto General: No disponible
    Valor Adulto Mayor y Niños No disponible
    Sábado y Domingos
    de 8:00 a 18:00 Hrs.
    Cierre: Trekking 13:00 Hrs.
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